Monday, 16 December 2013

Coffee At 91 @ Ipoh

I told myself that i must blog today because i have been stop blogging for may be 1-2 weeks. 
I gonna introduce another cafe in Ipoh which located inside a hotel. It not newly open, but it's my first time to be there. In fact, i wanted to go long time ago but never have chance to go or it was closed when i intends to go.

It located at Tambun Inn Hotel @ Ipoh.
It closed on Monday.

The desserts we ordered that day.
From left :
Passion Mousse,RM6
Marble Cheese Cake, RM4.50
Macarons, RM2.5 each

There was a simple celebration of Gia Wei's birthday. Celebrate her birthday in Ipoh again after few years celebrated in Kampar.

From their FB, i know that they have different theme on every festivals. Definitely won't feel bored for coming again and again.

Had been asking through inbox of this cafe for making a cow coffee art since the birthday girl like cow so much and i'm appreciated that they make it ! It so cute right ? 

Thankful that they even provide a candle to place on the cake which i never request to do so. Customer service is very good !

I didn't request for ribbon coffee art actually because i feel awkward to have so much of requests although i want to. I just told them that i may asking for having ribbon coffee art so that they know that i'm the one who ordered cow coffee art. Thanks them for giving me a little surprise as well. 

Friends are the family members you choose, I hope friendship are like family, never end...

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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