Wednesday, 1 January 2014

{AD} Cyber Color Eco Nail Color

First post of 2014, how was your New Year Eve ? I hope my good luck of 2013 will keep continue to this year. I got so many presents from giveaways of blogger or Sasa since January 2013 and before 2013 ended, i received a good news from Sasa again that i won Cyber Color Eco Nail Color few weeks ago. Thanks Sasa and Cyber Color as well.
Nail lacquer to me will never be too much, only not enough for that ! But this is my first time using Eco nail lacquer. Everything is talking about Eco nowadays and nail lacquer too.

Exclusive formula from France infuses your nails with natural vitamins and nutrients. Free from petroleum or any harmful substances, all ECO Nail Color is made of 85% natural ingredients such as wood pulp, cotton, potatoes and corn. Environmentally friendly and available in 49 shades with intense, vibrant and long lasting colors; chip resistant and durable. Nourishes and strengthens your nails, provides a high gloss, flawless and professional finish.

1. Eco Oxygen Base Coat(03), RM21.90
2. Cyber Color Nail Color Peony(31), RM19.90
3. Cyber Color Nail Color Grape(38), RM19.90
4. Eco Glossy Gel Look(01), RM21.90


After applied Eco Oxygen Base Coat.

After applied 2 layers of nail color.
For me, i think that it dried up in a short time compare to other nail lacquer that i use normally, and i like the texture so much,it is not sticky and it is easy to apply uniformly.

After applied top coat.
Some of you may found that the chemical smell of nail lacquer is a problem for you, Cyber Color Eco Nail Color may solve your problem. If i tell you this is odorless, i definitely lie on you, but i can say the smell of nail lacquer is very very light and not smelly.
 I will give 8.5/10 marks for this.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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