Thursday, 26 July 2012

Surprise birthday for Mun Yee 2012

What a romantic scene right ?
The most surprise and romantic celebration i participated ever.

The birthday's girl favorite.

Let me tell how we gave her the surprise.
1. Since Angel Sing's laptop got problem and she need to borrow Mun Yee's laptop always(Angel stay in the same hostel with Mun Yee but different room).
2. We knew that Mun Yee had a meeting with Joel on that day.
3. So Angel Sing got Mun Yee's room key as an excuse of want to use her laptop.
4. Around 9.30pm we went to their hostel to start decoration work.

Luckily we had enough time to decorate and still have time to chit chat a while. Oh ya, many people asked where we get the helium so that the balloon and fly to the roof and the gas is expensive too. Actually we used tape to stick it to the roof. haha.

When we knew that Joel and Mun Yee coming back,we all hide here hide there and even toilet. But they still haven't back after so long, we walked in and out many time,there is a video recorded, but is in Andy's phone and he never upload it so i can't show it here. It's so funny that we keep said "come already come already",then we run and hide. Then came out again,then said "come already come already" then hide again.Repeated for few times. hahah

In order Joel come in the hostel rather than dropped Mun Yee's and back, so Joel said need to take something from Angel. Then i don't know how Angel and Joel came up stair with Mun Yee.

And the most funny moment is when Mun Yee open her room and saw the decoration. She being scared by all the things. Kept laughing at her expression when we watch the video.

The birthday girl.


Andy again that spoiled the cake.

A romantic night.

Off to study for tomorrow midterm test.*keep slacking,tsk tsk tsk*
Gah Yao.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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