Saturday, 4 August 2012

Jenson's birthday 2012

Had an early celebration for Jenson in Old Town Kopitiam@Ipoh Padang. Suppose to go another cafe but that cafe was closed ! So kopitiam again...haha
Football lover's cake..
What a cute football cake.

The birthday boy.


May your dreams come true.

Some of them need to back early but some of them came late,luckily still able to capture group photo of majority of us except Bee.She came too late while some of them already left.

My camera quality become more and more bad.
Sad. It's even blur if i did not edit it.

Dear Gia Wei who came late already, but reason is accepted because she had a dinner that night.

My cute friend,the birthday boy,Jenson.

Cute dear-Bee Kuan,
Pretty dear-Poh Yee.

can't always meet them,but they must bring laughter to me everytime we meet.
Always love the moment with them,because they r funny.

Done all assignment,midterm test and presentation for this sem,relax for a while and should update my blog more frequent before i start busy life for the final.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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