Monday, 6 August 2012

A sporty Sunday morning

Updating my blog in UTAR's computer lab while waiting for class(luckily i uploaded photos and set as draft before or else i will damn boring in the lab). :)

Not enough sleep that day because went to celebrate Jenson's birthday last night. Slept at around 1am if not mistaken and woke up at 7am..not enough 8 hours.. :( I always wish to sleep at least 8 hours but i can't ! Class at 8am,have to wake up at 6.30am to prepare,or if no class and i am in Ipoh,i also need to wake up at 6.40am to wash cloths. Always not enough sleep since my mum did an operation before,i have to help her do some housework.
The natural light.

Took photo while waiting Gia Wei fetch me.

We went to a newly open badminton court located in First Garden.

There is around 10 courts i think.
RM16 per hour per court. Is expensive.

Gia Wei said me look like dancing and also look like throwing the racket.

There were some kids training over there.

Went to eat after the game.
And see my tired face. I slept for a while because it really tiring.My hands and legs got a bit pain on the next day BUT i think that i become stronger and stronger,because i went for hiking with my dad and eldest brother few week later after the badminton,i DIDN'T feel any pain on my legs and body.woohoo..damn happy !
I not a girl but like to exercise so much,because i'm lazy,but i do happy to have some exercise sometimes. It's healthy to have some exercise.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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