Friday, 10 August 2012

The mystery place @ UTAR

Xiao Tung was saw someone took some nice photos at the "mystery place" that we normally won't go over there. As we were free that day,so we,Xiao Tung, Cheng Yee and me decided to investigate the "mystery place".

Taadaa !
Here is it !

We didn't really went in because we were scared.

My body and my legs does not have a nice ratio. My legs are too short...sad :'(

Opps,my face is so chubby here.

Went to a arbor nearby.
The view from the arbor.


She don't know i took this photo until i upload it to FB.She don't want to take photo always so i need to take her photo without prior permission from her.

And same goes to Cheng Yee.
She turned her head towards me while i taking her photo.

I'm just so tiny under the tall buiding.

Playing some effect by using my phone.

We just love to take photo and i also like to let people take my photo .
I enjoy it :p hahah

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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