Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Restaurant Gong Hin

 Its the first time i ate Dim Sum in Kampar although i went Kampar study for 2 years.

 Price is always the reason that rejected to eat Dim Sum.
But since Susu and i stay back in Kampar on that week and he dated me to have breakfast together. Been some time we didn't eat together and after i asked him about the price ended up i agreed to eat Dim Sum with him.

 Must take photo for the every first time..
Taking photo is also the job of blogger. *although i'm not the full-time blogger and i don't earn money for what i wrote,it just a place to save my memories so that i still can review it after many years.

 We didn't ordered much,but it's enough for us.
Dim Sum there is not bad.
Can have second visit but not always as it is expensive if eat it always.

The price is acceptable i think.

Happened something on the way back hostel and i found and realized and see clearly one thing. Can't mention it here btw. It not the first time i think and i know about it so i didn't feel emo on that,just used to it already. I won't let these small matter to ruin my mood !

Stay turn.
Have a nice day.

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