Friday, 13 July 2012

UTAR 3rd Karaoke Competition Quarter Final 2012

First time i went to support friends at Karaoke competition.
Found out that many of my friends have great voice.
My eldest brother and 2nd brother also came back to Ipoh on that week,how i wish i can meet with them,but i also wish to support my friends too. But i decided to support my friends instead of back Ipoh. Not because i don't want see my brothers but i can see them next time, my friends may not participate in karaoke competition next time,so it is the best decision i think.

Angel Ng.
A friend that i recognized her since foundation year 1 sem 1.
A lovely friend.

Angel too,but she is Angel Sing..

Mun Yee.

The so called stage...hehe

Below are some of my friend's performances.
Play all to listen their great performance.



I want to share the videos below not because they r my friends,but they make us so high when watched their performance.

Hope u all enjoy.

Stay turn.
Have a nice day.

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