Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Ling Yew's birthday celebration

There is so many March babies...
This post is about Ling Yew's birthday celebration.
Back to Ipoh after the Saturday midterm test and prepared for the gathering for that night.
 Love this photo.

 Photo of the day.
I curled my hair for temporary.Straight hair or curl hair suit me ?

 Laser Battle,Ipoh.

First time i went there and it was the first time for many of us also.
Since the birthday boy and his gf always go there,so his gf,Vikki,told her plan to the boss and she allowed that.Let me tell the plan here. We all must arrived earlier than the birthday boy and her gf,and we went into the battlefield to wait 2 of them.He don't know we were there that time and he will only thought he play with other that he don't recognize.haha...If for me,it was quite fun and surprise that to know all friends play with me.And it haven't end,Vikki brought Ling Yew to toilet and we were prepared the cake inside the waiting room.The light was off,and we sang birthday song when he and his gf came back to the waiting room.

 The banana chocolate cake with banana cartoon for the banana birthday boy.The cake is damn cute.

 The couple.



 All of us.

 The tradition for the one who birthday.

 This is what people want to see and this is the purpose also.

 With Gia Wei.

 Mun Mun came after work so she still wearing her uniform.

 With Soon.

 We then went to McD,Jalan Kuala Kangsa.Met En.Fok and also En.Tan ,our secondary school teachers.

 The banana make by cream and also chocolate.

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