Sunday, 22 April 2012

My Dreams

I should go to bed now,but i feel like wanna record it down.
Is my dream..
I had 2 weird dream within this 3 days.

i dream of the Korea famous & leng zai T.O.P,
It just unbelievable as i not concern Korean stuff all the while,
but now i dream of T.O.P,
but actually i not sure whether is he the one,but he have a blue color hair.

I chased by a dog in a shopping mall and don't know how i met him,ended up he gave me a very very sweet and interesting moment.He brought me to a stage inside the shopping mall and we captured a lot of photos.
But finally he and his members rush back to somewhere as the show in the shopping ended.

I like this dream,is exciting and sweet also.
BUT it just won't happen in real life.

The second one is another sweet dream also,
Is a handsome,L.LBD,
i know who is he,but we are not recognize each other.

We in a shopping mall again,a different shopping mall ,we( me and my friend,Conney Lam,he and his friend,don't know who) went there for lunch.Conney pull me to walk faster or can say run with high heel and on the staircase somemore,sure will fall down right? And at this moment,LBD hug me to avoid me to fall down.Then he start to chase me. 
Dream always weird ,so the end of the dream is me and Conney went to toilet but the toilet is in a hotel(weird right?),but we just don't know which is male toilet and which is female toilet,we met Joel at there,we 3 went in the wrong toilet actually.

I just don't know what are the meaning of this 2 dreams.(may be because of exam?sot already?or there is some hidden meaning inside the dreams)
But it SWEET enough .
How i wish the dream come true.
I'm single and MAY BE available now.
The may be i mentioned is actually i not sure whether i ready to start a new relationship,but if there is a suitable one,i will try !

I don't know why i wish to blog about it,but now i already updated it.
Okay~ good night ..

How i wish the dreams come true :(


  1. Intuition Magicdrag24 April 2012 at 23:46

    Dreaming of celebrities is so fun!
    I'm a crazy k opop fan ><

  2. yea~ but just wondering that why i not concern about them will dream of them >.< 

  3. You're a BIGBANG fan too? :) Hello fellow VIP! :) 
    I followed you. Hope you'll like my blog and follow back. :)

  4. opps..i'm not their fan,as i mentioned that "It just unbelievable as i not concern Korean stuff all the while,but now i dream of T.O.P,"hahhahah...but is okay for that :) thanks for follow me,i do like nail art,will do some nail art post soon :)


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