Saturday, 14 April 2012

Chindian de Fusion

Woke up in the Saturday early morning and prepare to go campus.
 There always no at that time,so i force to walk to campus.

 I'm one of the committee member of the event, and the event's name is as the title of this post, Chindian de Fusion.The Chindian = Chinese + Indian.This event is to let Indian and Chinese to know each other's culture more.

 This,our first game.

 As the participation is too less,so committee,Won Theng,Mun Yee and me also add in and play with others.

 Our group work.
With this game,i know how Indian can do this kind of beautiful art work as we can see in shopping mall.We just wonder how they do it,but now i know how.

 Shin Chan ? Yes ! but Indian style one.Funny.

 This the group that get No.1 !

 After the game,we just had some foods and drinks.
I don't know what it call,something make by carrot.

 Indian's food.

 This,tang yuan.

 Next,we continue our game.

 This is another game again.

 We had to balance and hold the basin with water inside for 5 minutes if not mistaken.

 They had to use chopstick to pick stone that inside the flour and ran to another side.

 See..before and after.

 The flour war.hahah

 The battlefield. 

This was just a small event,not so fun,but i still learn something.

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