Thursday, 12 April 2012

Moment Exhibition

It's another exhibition held in UTAR. 
As it name as moment exhibition,the hall is full of photos.

Took some of the photos that display on there.

The photo's quality is not good due to i took it by using my handphone.


Hong Kong.

It such a big tree.Nice !

This camera were full of photos of UTARians.

Arva's art work !

Everytime i saw monkey on TV,i must smile,they just so so so clever and cute,especially baby monkey!

Spot me !

So surprise to see me inside on of the photo of  the exhibition..

After me and Xiao Tung investigated for a while,there is a balloon being pierce by a needle.Nice shoot.

The only photo of her that day .

Photo taken by my friend.Very nice shoot .
Kampar.The highest one is Grand Kampar Hotel.

Nice right ?


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