Thursday, 12 April 2012

Dream Exhibition

 Cream exhibition held in UTAR on Week 5 if not mistaken(now already week 13..opps..)

This is robot ? 
Everyone can take a yellow sticker and write your name and stick at wherever u think how far is your dream .

 There were 2 story on the boards.One is about a girl has a dream,but she gave up due to disagree by parents.The other one is about a boy can achieved his dream due to he didn't have up.The story telling us not to give in order u can make your dream come true !

 There were few station game.

 Oh ya...i went the Dream Exhibition with Lei Chiann after the Moral class.
It's not easy!

 U can get this after u play each station game. To get free gift,u need to collect 2.But due to we were not interested in the game except the angry bird,we only played angry bird and we didn't get free gift.Is okay :)

 U can "throw" your wishes inside the rocket.

 Have you taken your very first step today ?

 Some real story.

Wish your dream come true !

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