Friday, 6 April 2012


Since all the photos of mine in the PC(i exchange my laptop with my brother),which is in Kampar,and i can't online in Kampar so i don't have update my blog for so long.

That day i went to Daiso,AEON Station 18,and saw the tool to make love shape egg and i was excited and request to buy it,but my Baba just said no and he said he can make this kind of thing so i just don't buy it.Yesterday i back to Ipoh from Kampar,and my Mami gave me a packet of thing,i look at her,i just curious that what is that ? I suddenly thing of what my Baba promised me and i was so excited again, my Baba really make it for me ! With different shape and size.Thanks Baba.

I cooked eggs last night with an excited mood .And i make love shape egg and bread today.I gonna show how i make it.
 The love shape tool,u can buy it at Daiso.RM5 each.
Make sure the whole love shape dip with oil and let the tool hot first in other the egg won't stick with the tool.So just put some oil and the tool that full of oil on the pan for around 1 minutes until u see smoke come out that means it ready to cook the eggs.

 Because i don't want to eat half boiled egg,because i want to eat it together with bread,so i turned it and cook.

 Taadaa,DONE !
Love shape eggs.

 Then i make the love shape bread by using the love shape tool also.

 Press the tool.

 See.Love shape is out.

 But it haven't done yet,adjust the tool to fit the love shape on the bread.

And press it again.

The bread is easily to me tear out after the steps.

So nice right .

Egg + bread always the perfect match ! Tasty...Yummy..

Just for fun.
U can make it to your Girlfriend / Boyfriend or even your parent to show then your love.
But i make it for myself,i will make it for my parent also.I gonna try the flower egg + flower bread.NICE.


  1. i Hvt even been to AEON yet....TnT~~

  2. will have so crowded,not really so crowded place that i can't really enjoy of seeing things.. :( i not even finished walk the whole AEON because my Mami don't want to continue walk due to the smell that make her suffer .. hope to shop with friends next time . 


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