Tuesday, 27 March 2012

IS presentation

 IS = Information System.
My group and our tutor and also my lecturer.

 IS assignment was a tough assignment,i bet many of us think the same also.And our tutor gave us pressure on the first few weeks also.But feel that she quite nice after more than half semester.

 Everyone were wearing trousers ,not because we want that,was the rule set by our tutor.

 My groupmates.

 New friend of mine,Mei Chia.

 The girl standing behind us spoiled the photo.

 Me,Chew Yee and Wei Thing.
Both of them are my Foundation year 1 sem 1 groupmates.

The first time i wear trousers for presentation.Honestly,i still prefer skirt.Skirt is nicer.

This post is just to update that i wear trousers for presentation.the first time !

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