Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Brother's birthday

 Okayyyyy...this post should be on February,but now is already end of March.Don't give reason again,i always say the reason when i update the blog.

 Straight to the point. 4th of February was my 3rd brother's birthday.
This cake was bought from his GF,to gave him a surprise,his GF brought the cake to my house before my brother back home.

 My brother brought us to eat Pizza Hut as dinner.I remember that he came back late that day,almost 8pm he just reached home due to work.We all hungry max,but we still need to wait.

 Yea~He the one who paid for the Pizza Hut although he was the one who birthday.haha

 The sweet couple.

Happy belated birthday to my brother and wish his dream come true.

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