Saturday, 17 August 2013

{AD} BeautyQ Milk Foot Mask

Face mask, eyes mask, hair mask... have you ever heard of foot mask ? Is great that if you heard before, if no, then i'm here to introduce you about foot mask.
BeautyQ Milk Foot Mask from Hermo 

It's my first time using foot mask but luckily there is clear instruction guide me step by step. It‘s easy !

Wear socks so that you are able to walk.
Wash it off with water after 60-90 minutes.

This was the 2-3 days after the foot mask and all the dead skin peel off, it took 5-7 days. It make the floor quite dirty during the peel off process which i don't like but it is the effect and purpose of this foot mask. I keep applied lotion on ankle area because it is too itchy and i can't stand with it. I not sure whether is my skin sensitive to the chemical of the mask or the dryness that make it to peel off dead skin make me itchy. So i kept apply lotion and ended up only dead skin of my foot palm peel off. Every people will have different result of using it as our skin types are different like our face. 
However, my foot palm is so soft now. It is good to remove dead skin sometimes. This foot mask is recommended to be use every 3 months. You can purchase it from , they have great offer everyday, do check it daily so that you can purchase things that you want at a great price. I have 2 buying experience before and i feel great because i purchase skincare products that hardly buy from Ipoh at a discount price and the provide flash delivery !  

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.  
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