Wednesday, 21 August 2013

St Mike's @ Ipoh

The day i went for lunch with Gia Wei in Ipoh. We went there directly from Kampar. Another place to dine in. This place has opened for a long time i guess but i never knew this until i saw a friend post the food photos in FB.  

Both of us order set lunch because set lunch always more cheaper.
Watermelon juice is fix and cannot be change.

Mushroom soup in a big portion and we start to feel full after finished it. The mushroom soup here is different from what we normally have outside. This is with some prawn inside and it taste good.

Counter BBQ Chicken.
We thought our main course will be in big size as well since the mushroom soup was so much but we were wrong ! The chicken was so mini in size. But luckily it was in small size also because we both are so full. 

Deep Fried Fish.
I not really like the taste of fish.
Each set cost RM15.90 ++

She wore a formal because she had presentation before that.

Blur photo but photo records our memories.

Another place that can be sit.

I think the environment at night will be more nice.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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