Friday, 23 August 2013

{AD} inkugram

I believe many of you own an Instagram account right ? The social media that based on photo and video. Many people included me like to share our photo / video to Instagram instead of FB anymore. Seriously i used to post many photos in FB before i have Instagram account until few of my friends told me that they always saw my photo once they log in to FB. I feel awkward honestly. So i decided to post photos in Instagram instead of FB after that. 
Have you ever think that to make the photos that you shared to Instagram become a physical photo ? I never think of that until i saw someone post a "Instagram wall" on FB. That is something like he stick many of his Instagram photos to the wall of his room. I feel like to make for myself also but i didn't action. 

inkugram make my dream come true !
They have a giveaway last few weeks and i'm one of the winner ! So luckyyy.. I can choose 24 of my Instagram photos then they print them out for free.

I arranged all of them into a Ribbon shape ..hahha..ribbon again !
The quality is so good, i like them very very much. yourself inside ! If you appear inside, it means that you means a lot to me ! But too bad i don't have photo of my family members inside Instagram.. Nevermind, may be i can print it our again next time.
I think many of you are interested to print your Instagram photos right ? I know it because there is few of my friends asked me about inkugram 
Clike and like their page for more information.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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