Saturday, 3 August 2013

Loong Moon Cake Shop @ Ipoh

This shop is not newly open but i believe that not much people know this place. I got to know this shop through someone's instagram. Searched for their FB and location before i went there. This place located at Chemor, just behind of Shell petrol station. It's easy to find.
It actually has 2 shops which one is cake shop and the shop beside it is available to dine in. Kar Kar's car parked in front of the cake shop so i just went in to the cake shop but we can't see anyplace that we can dine in and the environment is different from what i saw in the photo i searched before. There was a girl brought us the the shop beside it .. Ya ! that's the right place !

Passion fruit juice, RM3.50.
Esprit's Raspberry Sparkling Water, RM8-RM10. 

Japanese Cheese Cake, RM5.50.

Look attractive right ???
Can't resists for the attractiveness of dessert !
It so soft and fresh..

Spotted Gingerbread Man biscuit. 

Mushroom chicken rice(蘑菇炸鸡扒饭), RM6.50.

Chicken pop corn sandwich, RM4.80.
It look like burger rather than a sandwich right ? But it really taste good !

Every shops do have their special feature, so for Loong Moon cake shop, Tiramisu cake, Osaka cake and Rainbow cake are their special features. They do have chocolate fondue. 
Definitely will visit again to try other dessert.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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