Saturday, 27 July 2013

Bean Cafe @ Kampar

Bean Cafe, the 1st coffee shop in Kampar.. is the trend these days. It actually opened on around April or May if not mistaken but i never have the chance to visit it. 
Cappuccino, RM6.99.

I went there because i want to get this for her as i have no idea how to celebrate for her birthday. Smiley face, her signature. Thanks for the boss who make this.
I actually want to have this coffee art on Mun Yee's coffee but she want to order a cold drink,so i decided to make it on my cup of coffee. Plan failed :(

Mini donut, RM3.90. 
It taste those we used to call as "sayung", those bread that we eat together with sugar.

Chocolate muffin, RM4.90.

Banana cake, RM3.90.

Croissant, RM3.90.

Bean Coco, RM7.99.

Bean Java Chip, RM9.99.
The cold Soda Ice cream was free by the boss to the birthday girl.

espresso yourself.

4 of us. 
Mun Yee, i have promised you to bring you to coffee shop in Ipoh, i will make it one day, i still remember. :D

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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