Monday, 22 July 2013

Triumph in the skies II & Restaurant OZ

Done my make up and ready to go Aeon Kinta City to meet with the actors of Triumph in the skies II. 
I'm so excited and can't wait for that , keep asked my friends see who are free to go with me and i found Xiao Tung. 

Reached there at around 3pm and we used some times to find parking,it's so crowded .
Went to Black Canyon @ Aeon Kinta City to have drinks and snack before the show start and there is other celebrities there before the HK actors' turn.

Too bad we can't find a "beautiful" location to see them. We hardly to see them,quite sad of that. We went up and down hope that we able to find a nice place to see and hear them clearly but we failed.
Chilam so handsome and Sam Gor so "yeng" !! Heard many people praise 2 of them.

I know many of you start watching Triumph in the skies II (冲上云霄2), but i will wait until the end only start to watch because it is my habit that i don't like to wait everyday for the next episode. hahaha

Went to Restaurant OZ @ Ipoh after that.

I would say i will NEVER come back again !!!!
I will help nice restaurant to promote ans same goes to those i'm not satisfied. I never felt so angry to one restaurant before i think.

Everything look nice to this Fish Parmigana + mashed potato + salad, i took photo to the dishes as usual and when i get ready to eat it,something unhappy happened....
The fish is raw !!! TOTALLY RAW ! Don't tell me fish can be eaten raw, this is not salmon, sashimi ! How a restaurant can did such a big mistake, an inexcusable mistake EVER ! The worker didn't answer question in a proper manner and when i asked him to complaint about the raw fish, he don't even say sorry ! WHAT A BAD SERVICE ! 
No any reason for me to go back to the shop again . 

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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