Saturday, 20 July 2013

JJ Cafe @ Ipoh

JJ Cafe is quite hot in Ipoh these day,it is a new cafe in Ipoh, saw many people post photos or check in. As a blogger and as i like to try something new so i been there with my dear Kar Kar. 
This cafe located at Jalan Kampar which opposite of The Store, Kinderjoy or Perak Girl School.

The interior design and decoration are nice and creative.

Cappuccino, RM8.

Caffe Latte ice, RM10.

I remember when i showed this photo to one of my friend and her response was : " GG Cafe?" Is funny but she doens't wrong because it really look like a G instead of J. hahaha

Stawberry cake, RM7.

Mango cake, RM7 .
Mango cake is so fresh and so soft..

Wall painting everywhere and no doubt that wall painting enhance the environment.

Free plain water while we gonna leave. 

I will be there not just because it is a new cafe and because of the coffee...Just get addicted to coffee and want to try which cafe have the best and reasonable price coffee.

My dear Kar Kar. 

Stay Turn ~
Have a nice day.

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