Thursday, 21 March 2013

Alley Johns @ Kampar

This post should be post few week ago but due to busyness and laziness and i delayed until now.
Alley Johns is new chilling place in Kampar which located behind of Old Town Kopitam @ Kampar.

Actually i went there 2 times and both also went with Susu.

The first time we went there just because of curiousness and also i want to go out for a walk.
The 2nd time i went there is because of this coffee...The so called "Dik Dik Coffee".


I was so headache on that day due to the super hot weather and we walked out for brunch under hot sun. I was even headache after the coffee. Regret to take coffee when headache. My head was like going to burst that night !

The photos below are taken when the first time we visited.

There got many different types of Japanese crepe.

We just want to try so we had choose the cheapest one and we also think that the crepe is too soft,we prefer it is crispy one.

Done my 2 presentations of this semester continuously for 2 days. I know many of my friends having continuous more than 2 days of presentation, so i still not the critical one. Left one individual presentation 2 weeks later. 
This was my 1st presentation look. Yes,i'm wearing Polo-T because out tutor allowed us to wear semi-formal for that presentation.

 Here is the 2nd presentation which we have to wear formal.
Recognize so many pretty girl. My pressure :D

I changed my heels to flat ,a bit weird so i make it blur.

 Left is Lok Yee who i recognized her during since last 2 sem i think,getting closer since last sem because we have same classes. So great to meet this girl,she is so lovely and pretty. 
Right is Pooi Fun who i recognized her since secondary school,long time no see her and great that in the same tutorial class with her this semester. She is so pretty as well,like her eyes so much ! Her eyes are like smiling !! 

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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