Saturday, 17 March 2012

City of Arva ~ 9

The event had ended finally after 1 year planning.
With Min Zhi and Mun Yee.

With Sayang and Mun Yee.

So,before everything being dismantled,we had a group photo,but still some of them not in the photo due to some problem. 

The best shoot !
I like this very very much.
1,2,3,4 and 5 then they shouted that "move in front" and make this amazing photo !


Red wrapped blue.

We really really had a lot of fun that day.
See ! We even slept on the dirty floor.We didn't care too much,as long long it was fun.

All the things became rubbish within 1 hour .


Funny them...

The second when someone cut off the rope and the paper felt down my heart felt pain ! No kidding, used a long long time to set up the things,and it's not an easy job,but it just so easy to dismantle. Our hard work became rubbish so easy and fast.

Everyone said that this exhibition should be held longer but not only 3 days ! I think the same too.

I being hurt by the chairs when they dismantled this,because i'm inside and the chairs to hold all the things felt down,i waist hurt,no blood,but pain.It's very pain,but i still can stand for it so i just said that i'm okay.Few days after that,my waist still pain if i touched it.BTW,is really okay now.


Wow...nice shoot.So man...haha

Oppps...My parents said "dai gek lei si" when they saw this photo on FB.

Everything were treasure before the event,
everything were rubbish after the event.

With Andy.

A lorry from recycle center came and collect all the rubbish.
All the things back to the place that belong to them as they came from recycle center also.

I really really really miss the time when gathered and played and worked with u all. You all just too good for me,i miss u all seriously.

There will be the last post about City of Arva.
~To be continue~


  1. You no tell us ur waist was hurt that time d?must be so pain =(

  2. because i'm ok.. :) no worry


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