Friday, 16 March 2012

City of Arva ~ 8


The most beautiful part,
the most important part,
the most attractive part,
the most interesting part.

Guess what ?

With Lin.
The paper castle as i mentioned before.

With Sushi.

With Xiao Fong.

Back view of the castle.
Mention again, this paper castle that fully make by paper.No staple...The castle make by Jacky and few other people.They make it for around 2 months already.


Compare the upper picture and this picture..
Yea~the click can be move.

ACS = Art and Craft Society.

How much u rate for it if total is10 ?

There was a contribution box at the exit,not option.

Met Sharon also. Thanks for coming.


Kai Peng.

That was the last day and our event was officially ended ! What was the next we did ? We must took photos first before clean up the hall.

With the gypsy women,Rachel.

Lei Chiann.

With the chairman,Jacky.

If u think of take photo personally or with another 1 or 2 friends,u definitely can't do so or i should is hard to do so.Why ? Count the person in the photo.

Count this.

And This.
Know why ? There must be more and more friends joined in. Once we spot anywhere got people took photo,it normally ended more than 10 person inside the photo. Funny.



End this post with this paper castle.
Do u like it ?

~To be continue~


  1. okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~~~~~~~~~~~~~i love this d most~~~~~~~~~~

  2. u mean the castle ?;s NICE  <3


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