Sunday, 11 March 2012

City of Arva ~ 7


A little maze.
Why there was so many kids ???
Not your eyes problem,not my mistake also.haha
Our chairman,Jacky, teaching art in kindergarten so he invited kids there to visit.

I seem forgot to tell about there was a gypsy women there.The gypsy women is Rachel. She did very best but i didn't get the chance to meet her.Sad :(

Photo session.

There is around 100 kids that day.

The little girl in front of Angel,most right-hand size one,she cried due to the coffin. She scared by the coffin and kept said "i want mummy"...Pity girl.

So cute right ?

Continue with the City of Arva...

Want to know what's inside ???

Inside is a paper castle that fully make by paper.No staple...The castle make by Jacky and few other people.They make it for around 2 months already.
Want to know how it look like ? Stay turn for next post.

Michelle visited also... :)

~To be continue~

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