Friday, 9 March 2012

City of Arva ~ 6

Let's continue...



Spring's night
Many people not dare to walk in.It's not a haunted house,no ghost there !
Inside is a beautiful place.

U can see stars when u look upward.
Nice soot by me :D

Like it,it damn nice..

Hello Danbo...

Jasclyn. A friendly girl.

Is "whishing well".

Many people wrote their wishes.

It's mine.
I wish to sleep early because i don't want panda eyes.I got panda eyes since i came to Kampar. So lucky that i found my wish on the second day when i tried to search for it.

The wedding cake.

The wedding scene.
This scene is created for people to take photo. Photographers from photography club were there to take photo. U have to pay if u want the photo.

I'm VIP,i can get the softcopy :D

Mun Yee,your love ??? heheesss

The royal garden.

Hope u enjoy.

~To be continue~

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