Thursday, 8 March 2012

City of Arva ~ 5

~City of Arva~

Here is the trailer of the City of Arva,it make by Wiiliam Chew,our committee.

The story is so long,so i won't write it out,but if u are interested to the story,here the link :
the whole story is here,created by out committee also.

People can choose either red card or blue card,red card=female character,blue card=male character.
But girl can take blue card,and boy can take red card also,or they can take red card first,after finish the first round,then take blue card for second round.Many people do so as they can see something different if they walk different line.

Let's see the event !
U might like this art and craft and a story line exhibition. 

Sorry that i didn't show the storyline's pictures and description one by one,because it just TOO MANY of pictures.

It's draw and color by few of the helpers.

It call Danbo.

There was a fundraising stall.

 Things selling there,many were sold out :D

 Nice right ?

All hand made.

The chairs look familiar ? haha...The table,the chairs,no doubt,fully made by ONLY cardboard.

See ! Really can sit on it.
I invited Gia Wei to come to the exhibition,and she brought her friend,Kar Mun.Sorry that i didn't tell the story clearly (shhhhh...because i not clear about the story that time),but hope u both enjoy the art n craft make by us :)

Lin came to the exhibition too.

Xiao Tung and Cheng Yee came over also :)

Hope u enjoy.

~To be continue~


  1. heyh....i like d candys,veges,meats,biscuits...looks like real d leh....^^.....n d origami d....d scrapbooks oso so nice....oh my it....

  2. thanks Amanda :) i like them's a great return for us to receive your praise ^^ hope u enjoy City Of Arva's posts.


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