Tuesday, 6 March 2012

City of Arva ~ 4

It's no longer sem break,we back to school and started a new sem. We suppose to enjoy our Thaipusam holiday(if not mistaken what holiday is that) at hometown,but we were back to campus to do the last preparation of the event.
 Suppose it was 3 days(Sunday to Tuesday) preparation,but due to i was sick so i back to Ipoh and back  Kampar on Monday. There was no air-corn,was hot,but we still have some fun to entertain.

 Sorry Joel *devil laugh*
Know what happened to him ???

Now u know ?

 And this,my fingerprint is orange color that one.

 We went into male toilet, and Joel went into female toilet too.We dare to do that because there is no other people in the hall except Arva's helpers.

 Guess what he doing ?

 Sushi,a friendly and cute girl.
This photo credited by me :D

 See the art n craft ..Do u wish to know how is the exhibition was ?

 A chair that 100% make by cardboard,and i can sit on it ! Can u believe that ?

Our Arva-T.

Next post will be a post about the exhibition,no more preparation !
Stay turn~


  1. Looks like a huge and fun project. Hope the exhibition went well :) 

  2. ya...it quite huge and fun..stay turn for up coming post about the event :)


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