Sunday, 4 March 2012

City of Arva ~ 3

Is the last day we 'work' if not mistaken.Girl's natural instincts-take photo while waiting.Yea~we waiting Danny fetch us,he the one who fetch us to 'work' everyday.Thanks him. :)

Tools that we used everyday.

Min Zhi asked us to decorate something for the wedding scene,he didn't give us idea because he want us to come out something. So,Mun Yee,Angel and me make a pair of bear bear.
Look like turtle ??? The cartoon turtle,for example:
Look alike ? haha

See our hands,our hands must be very dirty everyday we 'work' there.Sayang jumped so high,must be very tired right ? hahaha..funny him.

What they doing ? They make wedding cake.

Painting my bear bear's suit.

The hat is make by Mun Yee.

Done ! The bear bear was 3 of us did together but i'm the one decorate the suit for it,hat was make by Mun Yee,Angel gave me some comment also.Very satisfy with the outcome.

The bear was make by 3 of us also,sorry to make it face like this. :( While other was designed by Angel.Actually it will be very nice if the face is nice also.

Good job.

I miss my bear bear.


There was a so called steambot that night.
All the foods had cooked,we only need to take some foods and some soups the it is what so called steambot. :D 

Played game before eat,we all compliant that we want to eat,but need to wait others to cook,so we force to wait.

Jacky talked so many things something like thanks us to be the helpers and he talked to many is to wait others to prepare the birthday cake for Alvin,that day was not the actual day,but we gave him a early celebration.

The birthday boy.

Group photo.

Team 3.

That day was out last day to work,we work for 6 days,supposed we need to work for 10 days,but due to some personal problem,we just helped for 6 days.

Stay turn for more :)

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