Thursday, 1 March 2012

City of Arva ~ 2

Lot of assignments,done 2 presentation last week,2 assignments also done this week,2 assignments waiting me to be done next week,1 midterm test done yesterday and 1 midterm test waiting me on Saturday.2 weeks++ didn't back hometown,MUST back on Saturday after the midterm test,but the test end at 5pm++,but i WANT back,my eldest brother coming back and i MISS HOME.

Back to the topic. 
As i mentioned on previous post -> Part 1 we used to eat together.

Mun Yee had curled her hair,curl hair nicer :)

Went to eat this laska the day before that,i eat till i cried,is to spicy for me,but Angel said it not spicy at all !

Yee mee.
I like to eat ! I brought Gia Wei to eat last week,she like it also.

Lei Chiann,the girl like to laugh always.Recognize her through this event.
Joel,the boy eating mee,his expression is so funny.Keep laughing once i see this photo.

Angel's key chain.

6 of us.

Everyday we "work" from around 11am till 11pm even 12pm+.

Is tired but quite happy to recognize them,they are very friendly.

Snow man by Andy.

Rachel,a Penang girls who only know a little bit of Chinese.

Joel laugh till lie on the floor.

Jacky,the chairman of the event.

Went to snooker on around 12am if not mistaken.

Is my second time,but i still don't know how to play.Danny taught me.
I goals one and the only one time before the game ended,so happy.
My face condition become worst since the day i back to Kampar,may be cycled under the sun and slept late.Damn sad for it.

Will update more once i free,hope all assignments and test faster finish !


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