Friday, 18 March 2011

DIY nail art

Today is a boring day for me,stay at home,may be because of period,i don't wish to do anything included do some  revision.Stay in front of my laptop whole day,FB,Blog,listen to songs,watch drama......I really don't have the motivation to do anything .
Tomorrow will have a date with my dear friends for their Pre 19th birthday celebration.So just do a little DIY nail art...
But i would like to show my work of last week.I only polish one of my finger,is just for fun.Let's see..

Is my favorite => RIBBON

This is my today work...

Step 1 = Polish orange colour enamel at the upper part of the nails.

Step 2 = After the the orange colour enamel has dry,draw few lines on top with those use to draw nail art which have very thin brush. I edited the photo to make it easy see the brush...

Step 3 = Polish top coat to make it last longer and make my nails shiny .

Ps: I might not use branded nail polishes.Hope my readers won't mind. 

This is the result...Is just a simple DIY work to fill up my boring time.
Is it okay ?


  1. nice x)
    where u found those brush?
    i cnt find it x(

  2. erm...i think pasar malam..parade in front of Kbox there also have ...normally sell RM10 3 bottles...


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