Thursday, 17 March 2011

Express my felling

This post is to express my feeling.Long-winded post...sorry...


Today is not a good day for me,not because of i step on shit ,i fall down or what .
Early in the morning,i woke up to prepare to campus,but my stomach still not feeling well,so decided not going to campus again,i absent for 2 days . I saw my message,my marketing assignment group leader sent me a message say that my works have a lot of irrelevant & wrong things...i let my tutor check already one,she told me that the tutor roughly check only,and say my works must can not get a higher marks,if i don't correct it also can ,she that is a group work,she can't !!! what she said !!! i asked her to say out all the irrelevant things,my assignment company is IKEA, what IKEA packaging & labeling should have ? is that the expired date of the furnitures ??? come on !!! think lah..I didn't ask my tutor,my tutor automatic told me no need do that parts because IKEA don't have.She told me do the dining table of that series,but today she told me need to do other products in the series also.OKAY,this i accept,this can correct it easily.BUT i feel that the leader judge me as the one who don't do work,hey please,i don't know how to do so that i haven't do,and after i did,u say need to choose one series ,i need to redo again.Next day u tell me do it faster,other group finished already,but u changed the thing ,i need time to do again right ? the expired date is on next Wednesday,but this week i already finished n already let tutor check already...i'm lazy,i admit,but i will do the thing i need to do !!!


My housemate...due to i didn't go to campus today,so that can ask my housemate fetch me.I thought Gia Wei till 5pm ,he till 4pm today,wait 1 hour,not over right ? Gia Wei ask him whether can fetch or not,but he just ask him don't "kacau" him.3 something when he prepared to back ,i went out ask him,n he said he never say "yes".Hey,u say Gia Wei every time also like this,but u know u too ??? every time we ask u something ,u always don't answer probably.U say u don't know how to reject,but we need your answer to plan other things one .U reject then we can find other way to settle our problem.I told u the problem before,but u just ignore what i told u.Furthermore,as a friends,n also housemate,sometime ask u help us for such a little thing u also don't wiling to help. To be a friend,what can help then just help ,but u are not.I never regret to post the thing i post on my blog about u before.U ! NOT GENTLEMEN ! Have u ever think that we r friends n also housemate?tolerate is important.Your attitude,your action,u know all of us are tolerating ?i guess u don't know,u know u also ignore about it..Anyway,as u like,u think your action is true,then i also can't do anything.U think what is a "friend" mean to u ...n why so many people will angry of many people angry on u must have their common reason.U don't want to explain,u don't want to accept ,this problem will not be settle and many other problems will have in future.Listen to other is not a bad thing n might good to u also.Don't be so stubborn.
Gia Wei,is i say follow his car one..sorry ...
loon,i might say something hurt u again,sorry,but i say the truth,U THINK YOURSELF lah..

I think i finish my post...


  1. don't want sorry la....not your wrong also...passed already =]

  2. u smile too...we face many problems throughout the year ..hope nothing can change our friendship but be stronger n stronger...


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