Monday, 14 March 2011

What a touching night

What was happened tonight ?
came back to hostel after dinner,and on my blog and my Facebook too.saw some video that really touched my heart,and i cry because of the video.
let me show it :

What i thought when i saw this video was my "kam mou" (my dog),will it do so to my family ? But i sure do not like to see those scene happen on everyone around me.I can't afford the pain n suffering physically n even mentally.
The video is not the scene for this time earthquake and tsunami in Japan,but

The natural disaster is really horrible ,save the earth,save our life...
let me end up this post through another video that i watched just now,it is song,is a nice is not a song specially for Japan also,but what we will think of after seeing this will automatically think of Japan.
again...Let's pray for JAPAN...

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