Sunday, 13 March 2011


Last Friday,11/3/2011,my "kai ma" fetched me to Parade at 12 something. I went there because of want to buy birthday present to 2 of my dear friends,Kar Kar & Pei Yee.Suppose that i went there on Saturday,due to some problems,i force to go on Friday.N suppose that Pei Yee not going also,due to some problems,she came together..

The outfit of that day.First time try to stuck in my shirt to shopping. Good try ?? wonder
my reader are very welcome to drop me a comment to tell me whether my outfit is okay or not or where can i improve...

I walk around the Parade alone,searching here n there,up n down.What i bought finally ?After i give them the present i just post it .
At around 2pm ,Kar Kar n Pei Yee came to Parade meet with me .They came after school dismissed.We had our lunch at kopitiam . 

Our lunch...

This is my meal.I will ordered this normally,because it's quite nice.But that day i ate it again.seem not that nice as before.Feel a bit disappointed.

This is my another one that i will ordered normally,cucumber lemon juice.I don't like to drink vegetable juice actually,but this beverage is excepted.
My meals...

After our lunch,Pei Yee accompany me to buy facial cleanser n toner.While Kar Kar go to buy bear bear to Pei Yee as present.Pei Yee told Kar Kar that she want a bear bear ,so that Kar Kar n her friends share to buy for her.Kar Kar asked me whether want share with her or not,but i already think what to by for them long time ago,so i don't share with her.
After that we meet at Popular,i bought a bottle finally.Why i say finally ? is because of i wanna buy a new bottle long long time ago,but i don't have go out,so finally i bought a new one.

My new bottle,*RED*...yeah ~

I saw "him" 2 times that day,first time is when i went to the shop that i bought presents,second times is i accompany Kar Kar to go in a shop to buy something,2 places also near to his working place.I don 't know whether he saw me or not,i don't care.One thing that i know is ,I AM OKAY after saw him.I'M VERY VERY FINE. XIAO WEN, GOOD JOB.

At around 3 something we took bus to UO Greentown.After i paid the fee i just realised that i haven't take something.Luckily the bus driver still waiting for other customers,so i rushed back to Parade as fast as i can,i scared the bus driver don't wait me.Kar Kar bought something at UO then we wait Pei Yee's father came,her dad fetch me back to her house,n i wait my mother came to fetch me back.

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