Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Math test

today i have another mid term test,that is General Mathematic 3 ...
I believe that it might kill some of the candidates,because of the Probability, as what my tutor said that it is the most tough chapter for this sem.
Today i have 3 hours break before attended to another class,Xiao Tung too. Today my lecturer is on leave ,so another lecturer replaced the class,and he used around 1 hour to finish it (the class the 2 hours class).I wait Xiao Tung at Block B ,small garden there,as i don't want to wait her alone at cafeteria and there is no seat too.While waiting for her,i took the photo below,this is the place so call small garden.

After that we when to cafeteria to had our lunch,then we went to Block F, library for revision.When almost the time we needed to walk to Block D,it was raining cats and dogs.Its really scary.We planned not to attend the class as the rain is too heavy.But i recall that my lecturer is not passing the attendance list around to sign,is calling one by one,so i have and force to attend the class.BUT,another lecturer was replaced to the class again,and Xiao Tung told me that her lecturer forgot to bring the attendance list .OH MY,IF we know earlier,we must not attended to the class and continue do our revision.
After the class,i meet with Xiao Tung,Ching Yee and Yi Lin at our "old place",and i took photos again..

This is Xiao Tung umbrella,she opened it up to let it dry...Xiao Tung and my shoes were wet when we walk from library to our class.

She,Xiao Tung,she is studying ...

ME      :" Xiao Tung,have u always read my blog?"
TUNG :"erm...quite often.why ? updated already ?what is that ?"
ME      :"erm...u read it within this few day then u will know it."
TUNG :" what is that about ?"
ME      :" about exam."
TUNG :"okay,tomorrow i read it."

haha..actually she don't know i took her photo and why i ask her whether read my blog or not is because of i want upload her photo and i want make sure she read funny.don't know what is her respond after read this post...haha..

TUNG~leave your comment here.. XD


  1. Lim xiao wen!!! XD haha.

  2. haha...surprise !!
    is that interesting ??? XD


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