Monday, 7 March 2011

Presentation-Foundation sem 3

Today is mt first presentation of SEM 3,Effective Communication Skill 5 minutes speech,it's the 3rd week of presentation,finally is my turn,because of my name...LIM...that's why ...
My topic of my speech is COFFEE.I changed the content of my speech after listened to others presentation.I talked about the types of coffee , the advantages n disadvantages of drinking coffee.Luckily that i presented within the the time limitation .The overall comment from tutor is consider OKAY~
But it is not that OKAY for me,because i'm too nervous ,i can feel that my mind was blank when i standing in front of the class.I had few times of experiences before,but last time is in a group .No matter in group or individual,i still nervous.
My presentation look of today..see i am moody,i can't smile at all...
why ?

After the presentation i felt that my stomach was somewhere went wrong because not feeling well,felt like cramp.It afflict me for 1-2 hours.I wonder why,i wonder is it too nervous when present ,and it spoil my mood for whole day.pissed off.
When in the lecture class,the lecturer misunderstand that i not concentration ,she make me felt embarrassed .OMG...i wonder one thing also ,she said me staring on her ,i seem no concentrated ,OH MY...staring on her also can not ? i listening on her that time actually...GOD...

i am tired today.i having test on this Wednesday n i have to do my Marketing assignment as fast as possible.
A busy SEM 3...=(

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