Friday, 4 March 2011

Keep Fit

Gia Wei & me cycle from hostel to campus.we used around 30 minutes to reach our destination...UNDER HOT SUN !!!due to we can't go though KTAR to UTAR,so need to round a super big round ,so used 30 minutes.
i will die if i cycle everyday to campus,that's why i rather walk to campus that using 15-25 minutes,not because of time problem,is because of my energy problem..
the purpose of 2 of us cycle to UTAR is because of we want keep fit,we went to Block F to buy the ticket ,then we went to Block C , gym room.OH MY GOSH,there r many machines were spoil .Plus the time we cycle to campus,it almost exercise for 1 hours,sweet is like paip water ...
anyway,hope that this time will at least help me some,because i getting fat.I DON't Want!

The photos took when we cycle back to hostel.
Due to the 3 mid-term test,i didn't wash my cloths for almost one week,it's take a lot of my energy n time to wash .EXHAUSTED.i seperated few times to wash it,i washed 2 times already,yesterday n today,tomorrow wash one more time (left 2-3 pieces only,too much to wash today,so left some to wash on tomorrow). I swear,if can,i don't allow this problem happen again !

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