Saturday, 19 March 2011

DIY birthday card for Kar Kar & Pei Yee

Just back home from outside ,pre birthday celebration with my dear friends.I will post it soon after edit those photos.Now,back  to the topic(i done this post few days before..haha)...
28 of March is Pei Yee's Birthday & 29 of March is Kar Kar birthday...
I would like to have some special for them as i never do this before .We are best friends for quite a long time,is more than 7 years i think,but in my memory,i never do something special for their birthday before,we just went to Ipoh Parade n eat lunch n may be bought a cake for them,sang birthday song for them n even  sing  K...i feel sorry to them ,so that i would like to do something to show my *love* to them..of course,don't think too much as the love i mention is friend's love.
Let me show how i did the birthday card for them.(2 similar birthday cards)

I drawn the *HAPPY BIRTHDAY* words on a pink colour paper.i drawn a normal one n drawn one again for up-side-down one.WHY ? see below

I sticked 2 together to make it feel more harder.

Then i draw some line or stick some dots on the words to make it feel nicer than just a plain pink colour words.

Then i used double-sided adhesive to stick the wolds to the cards to make it has 3D feel.

why i cut all those things ?

because of to make a girl,it ain't that nice n i make two different look ,the important one is one is nice,one is not nice...OMG

I want to make a desire bottle,so that i cut 2 bottles shape .

I cut another 2 transparent plastic bottle shape also.

The colour card put below of the transparent card.Then i cut some LOVE shape on the pink colour card before i putted the transparent one,and finally i putted a ribbon.That's all for the desire bottle..

Next,i would like to do butterfly .Cut toothpick into a shorter length.

Cut transparent plastic card and also red colour card to a butterfly shape.Sticked them together.The toothpick as the body of butterfly,and cut the brushes of paint brush as the tentacle of butterfly.

Again i used double-sided adhesive to stick the butterfly on the card.
The usage of the ribbon is suppose to be a flower,but i couldn't find other ribbon ,so that i bought it.

Suppose that i want to stick the ribbon to all the side of the card,but i already used 10 hours ++ on doing the card,from afternoon till night,and the ribbon is not that easy to make it fix on the card,so that i gave up.
This is the cards i already finished.

I hope 2 of them will like it as i already put all my love ,my time on doing it.

To make cards is not an easy job,from those photos u might think it is very easy and can do it in a short time,it might be my problem, i used 10 hours ++ to do 2 cards seriously.
The ideas and design is not 100% from mine,i got the ideas when i went to parade that day to buy birthday present to them,from YouTube and from one of the blog..
Anyway,wish them will like it and
Happy Early Birthday to Kar Kar & Pei Yee.


  1. haha... thx my dear friend xiao wen ^^
    i love u :-)

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