Sunday, 20 March 2011

Pre Birthday celebration of Kar & Yee

19/3/2011,we had a small birthday celebration for my dear friends Kar Kar & Pei Yee .Actually their birthday fall on 28th & 29th of March,due to some problems,we need to celebrate earlier .

This,the present for Kar & Yee from Ar Lin & me.We bought the same present for them to prevent argue(just kidding).

This, the things we gave to them.Nice ?

We discuss discuss n discuss where we want to go n what we want to do.The venue n activity change change n change for thousand times.And finally。。。
Yes ! Pei Yee's house.After i accompanied my mom to seek doctor then i went to Pei Yee's house to meet Ar Lin n Pei Yee as Kar Kar n her friends were late.SEE ! She is Kar Kar and she was reading my card n hugging the bear bear that she n her friend bought for Pei Yee.

She,Wei Wen...she is Kar's best friend.What we doing? She helping me rebornding my hair(for temporary one).She look so PRO in this photo.But actually she pro i think as i heard she wanna to be stylish .
Who i'm hugging ? GUESS ...
She is Kar...actually not me hug her ,is she hug me.But i quite like this photo...

I like this bear,Cute...comfortable to hug .

After discussed n changed so many venue and finally we went to...
...Restoran Good Times.Is a place to eat steamboat.

Spot the environment,is quite nice.

There consider many foods to choose ...The photos show 1/5 only...
Beside those steamboat,barbecue n snack ...the are dessert too.There have cake,swiss roll,pudding...But i only ate ice-cream as it attracted me due to we can decorate the ice-cream ourself. See the photo,both of the ice-cream were decorated by me .We can add on chocolate rice,peanuts,n biscuit.The ice-cream taste not that nice,but i'm happy to decorate it so i ate 2 small cups.Those foods which with nice n attractive feature normally attracted me the most.

All the girls..From left..Wei Wen,Yi Lin,Me,Pei Yee and Kar Kar. 

We bought a chocolate cake from "The chocolates" which located just right beside the Restaurant Good Times.My brother introduce me to eat this cake.My brother bought a Tiramisu for me as the chocolate cake had sold out.Honestly, if the cake is fresh enough,must very delicious.For me,the Tiramisu is taste good than this chocolate cake not because of the flavour but the sponge is softer than the chocolate cake(might not very fresh as Tiramisu...for my opinion only). 

The Restaurant Good Times broadcast a birthday's song for us n dimmed the light n helped us to took photos of all of us.Thanks a lot.But they feel embarrassed due to other customers focus on us,but i think is okay as well as it not something curious.

End my post here.had a nice with my dearest...friends forever .


  1. Hey~ Girl.
    I just cry on your shoulder and then you hug me >< haha


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