Saturday, 26 March 2011

Earth Hour

26th March ,
now is earth hour,my house is full of darkness,i can't do my revision,and is quite some time i didn't update  my blog due to i am not free, so that i just using for this one hour to update my blog.
I think this few weeks almost everyone also run of of time due to assignment & presentation.Is already come to end of semester ,but we still have assignments & presentations to do.Last whole week is really no time for me to do other thing as after back home from campus at 6pm then 8pm need to went out to discuss the assignment & presentation for next Monday.Is really exhausted ,i have no time to rest seriously.
Yesterday i back to Ipoh by bus.Thanks Gia Wei for accompany me waiting the bus because she afraid me will take the wrong bus.Thanks Gia friend praise u also =) One of my group member is from Ipoh too,she went back tomorrow,i told her the time i will went out to the bas stop,but she do not sure the actual time she go out,but finally we meet,so we took bus together.We wait for around 1 hour,there are 3 bus across within the 1 hour,but all 3 are not the bus back to Ipoh.One something i reach Ipoh,after ate my brunch at home,then my parent fetch me to consult doctor that's the purpose i back to Ipoh.I hate the government service to the MAX seriously.They are not polite at all,their manner,attitude is totally SHIT ...if i have money,i must not going to government clinic/ hospital .Make my tooth feel pain also. Need to wait for 2 months for next appointment,then how long i need to wait to settle ? haiz..

This is the photo took last week before went out to date with my dear friends...the out look of that it okay ? 

Hope holiday come faster,i don't want do assignments & presentations...but i also hope i can pass all the subjects this sem so that i no need retake n i can study degree without wasting extra time & money.

Lastly,hope everyone can do their best to save the earth ,it is very important but not everyone realize it ...hope   everyone of us can do some little step to save the earth,to give comfort environment for our next generation.

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