Thursday, 31 March 2011

Cucumber Lemon Juice

This is a very FRESH post.The fresh post i mean is it was newly happened n what i want to share is fresh.Just now i was make Cucumber Lemon Juice.As what i mentioned only the post before,i don't like vegetable juice,except cucumber lemon juice.The first time i tried cucumber lemon juice was in Ipoh Parade when had lunch with my dear friends.I attracted by the photo on the menu,so i would like to have a try on it,and start from that day,i order it every time i go there to have my meal.
I went to "pasar" with my mum this morning,and i asked her to buy cucumber n lemon to make the cucumber lemon juice.So just now i make it by my own,let me show the steps,is easy,u can have a try without wasting many time n money.. 

 1. Prepare 2 cucumber ( the amount is not fix n see how many people u are going to serve)

 2. Cut the cucumber into pieces and clean it with salt water.

3. I cut the cucumber into pieces is because of my blender is old type of blender.After that,pour in some water,not too much if not it will tasteless.  

 4. Separate the marc, and also squeeze half lemon's juice into the cucumber juice.

 5. Pour the cucumber lemon juice into cups and add in some ices .Then it can be serve to others.

It is fresh to be taste,everyone can try on it.
Cucumber and lemon are both good for our health.Make fruit juice or vegetable juice for own or even to family/ friends to be taste is quite a happy matter. I prefer n love when they say tasty or they are enjoy it or even just a simple "thank you".i will feel happy.


  1. come to my house ... =) no delivery service..sorry


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