Sunday, 1 January 2012

Lucky me ?

It's 2nd of January 2012.The 2nd day of the brand new year ! 
I'm not sure how is my luck will be in this 2012,i just wish that everyone will be the lucky one and happy and of course healthy is the most important one !

To test whether i'm the lucky one this year,i decided to enter a GIVEAWAY session from Everyone can enter this giveaway as it will ship the prize international ! As u know(those who concern my blog always),i love to DIY my nails,i like to "dress up" when i was free.I do always search some video from YouTube and blog,Sina Weibo about the tutorial for nail.I learn a lot and get a lot of ideas.

Below are some links of my DIY that i did before:

Thanks to my cousin sister from US for shipping this to Malaysia for me as she know i love to "dress up" my nails...A little gift can make me happy so long.

I do really love to "dress up" my nails,i like to "dress up" them with different style and pattern every time,i love to try new thing.I enter this giveaway session is to hope that i can win the prize so that i can have more tools to "dress up" my nails again.

So i hope that i can win the prize this time.Have u interested also ? Let join this giveaway buy follow the rules and regulations from 

Good luck to me and everyone of u.

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