Monday, 2 January 2012

KL shopping day ~ Part 3

After resting at T bowl restaurant,we still had some time to shop,so we just simply walking around.Our train was on 9pm.
While waiting for the couple again,we took some photos before we left.

Spokespersons of Coca-cola ?

Spot the person behind of us and in front of the van with green hair.How cool is he !

A bit forgot the sequence of how we reached railway station.,i remember we walked a distance and also got took Monorail.

See the TV, was 08.55pm. The train departure at 09.00pm sharp ! Luckily we able to rush there before 9pm.

What smile is that ? Too tired i think.

The first time i took the train,feel good ..

My trophy...

It took 2 hours 30 minutes to reach Ipoh.We reached at 11.30pm.I was too tired,Tiger and Kar Kar too,we  felt a sleep in the train.
We suppose to have a photo in the Ipoh railways station ,but everyone there rushing back home and no one took for us and so we found our parents also.
Our one day trip ended ! Hope that every year i also have the chance to go KL once for SHOPPING,i have to mention is SHOPPING as i must going to KL few times per year as my relatives are there but seldom have the chance for shopping.

Bought this...Ribbon =) A different style of ribbon.

Gia Wei,one is for u...I thought 3 of this are cow,,but after i went home,i realized that only one is cow,another 2 is hippo ...So the cow must for u unless u want hippo... =)

Bought 1 pant,4 tops..

Can't find the legging i want =( Hope that i able to find it in Ipoh and platform shoes too.

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