Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year Eve

31th December 2011,last day of 2011.How u guys spent on that day ? I quite happy on that day but i sad too.Happy because my relatives visit us on that day and i gonna watch movie and countdown with friends on that day,sad because my i was period that day ! Why period on such joyful and important day ? I knew that i must be suffer from the pain so i take medicine before the pain kill me first ! So everything still goes smoothly.

8.45pm,went to Jusco for movie.
The Darkest Hour...Is about alien came to earth...I suggest u guys watch this, IRRITATE

We still got some time after the movie,so we walked to Ipoh East Garden to yumcha,Inti joined us after that and he brought a friend too.May be the efficacy of the medicine had over,i'm not feeling well.Actually i started to felt stomachache before the movie,got a bit suffer but still i able to stand for it.So i only ordered a cup of hot Milo.

We went up to the open car park of Jusco for countdown and see fireworks.

I think is because of the hot Milo save me from the pain,i felt better after that.
There was not much people there at that time and we saw many trolley there,i don't know why i will got in the trolley,naughty me.Luckily got the hot Milo,if not i won't be playful like this .

Sit trolley again after so many years...  :D

IRRITATE also ! Keep shouting and i felt a bit regret,because felt unsafe seriously..

While Gia Wei and me preparing a little surprise for Yung Shan,they were camwhore.
  The first one is Yung Shan,the birthday girl,her birthday is on 31th December.

Surprise coming. 

Surprise success i think.

Fireworks everywhere of Ipoh,near one,far one,everywhere also got.
Can say we do not have countdown,we only saw fireworks.
I like last year countdown celebration.

Tiger and Inti bought champagne to get high atmosphere.

Here is the video of how we gave surprise to Yung Shan and the moment they open the champagnes.

Have to keep a secret for Inti,so i'm not going to post his photo although he might not read my blog.

Honestly,felt weird after the movie,seem that the scene in the movie will happen on me,felt totally weird when step out the cinema.U might feel the same as me after watching the movie,but still i recommend u all watch it.

Suddenly realized that they wore couple shirt..funny

Time to back home.
Their car park at different places so 7 persons stuck in one car.

Had fun that night.

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