Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Relatives visited

As i mentioned on previous post,my relatives visited to Ipoh on 31st December.
They reached at around 8.30am.
After we had breakfast together,then we just stay at home.

 My little handsome boy,嘉乐.
His dad,my cousin brother taught him and his daughter to play with my "kam mou".

 Nice shoot. 
Red color shirt that one is my cousin brother.
They play happily and exhausted after playing,included my "kam mou".

 Around 4 something we had steamboat together.

 Naughty girl.She really very naughty compare to her eldest sister and brother but she so cute right ?

Eldest princess,嘉仪 and the 3rd little naughty girl,嘉惠.

Stay turn for next post.We had 1/2 day trip in Ipoh.


  1. Read My Life As Carrie6 January 2012 at 15:38

    Awh, she's a little cutie!


  2. yup,Thank you :)
    Can u send me your full blog link so that i able to visit u .. 


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