Friday, 30 December 2011

KL shopping day ~ Part 1

Went to KL for shopping at 1.1.2011
Here are there if u want to know:
Before 2011 end, i went to KL for shopping again for hunting CNY's cloths.There were few hinders before the trip,but the trip still goes on.7.15am,bus started at Ipoh,only 2 and a half hours we reached KL.
Our first station => Times Square.

Just snapped photo.

We went for breakfast at Jonny's restaurant.

There was no one when we went in.

Ming Heng,Wai Gor and Tiger.
Wai Gor study at KL,so Ming Heng called him out to join us.

Kar Kar and me.

We all ordered set.The set contain a soup,it quite irritant because it quite spicy,but it quite nice also,for those who love spicy foods must like it.The set contain Thai's tea also,but it actually pandan leaf juice.

Kar Kar one.
Look spicy.

My golden mushroom fried rice.It not spicy,as i not a big fans of spicy foods.It not bad also.

Tiger one.

Wai Gor one.

Ming Heng one.It spicy too,Ming Heng ate till cry.Funny.Luckily the tea can refill.

And a scoop of ice-cream.I ordered honeydew favor...

After had our breakfast,Kar Kar and me separated with boys.  

Walked around 2 hours,felt tired so had a drink at a restaurant.
My drinks.θ‰εŽŸδΉ‹ε€œ,it is honeydew+green tea.Not bad.

Due to i only bought 1pair of shoes,1 pant,1 cloth when we had a rest,but i wish to buy more cloths,seldom have chance to go KL for shopping,and cloths here is more cheaper than Ipoh one,so i requested Kar Kar waited me in the restaurant,as she really tired and i know she quite bored while waiting me because she don't want buy cloths.Felt sorry that i let her alone also.

Anyone buy me a present big like the one behind me ? hehe

Giant Christmas tree.

While waiting the pairs of couple to gather,we took some photos there.

Ribbon !

All of us.
From left to right:
Ling Yew,Vikki,Kar Kar,me,Ming Heng,Tiger and Wai Gor.

We gathered together and change station.
Stay turn for next post.

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