Saturday, 18 June 2011

Degree life

A delayed post.
This post will write about my life in UTAR.
As Xiao Tung  nag that she want keep fit for thousand times per day,and i want keep fit also as i'm getting fat day by day,so we bought gym ticket when orientation week,when we back to campus to pay fees.

We went gym on Friday.Our class end at 2pm,and we have to wait Cheng Yee fetch us back to Ipoh ,her class end at 5pm,so we have plenty of time,so we decided to go gym .

For my opinion,exercise like jogging is one effective way to slim down.

Meet Kai Qi in gym room...

Beside gym,computer lab is another place that both of us will visit every week due to we have 4 hours break time on Monday and also Thursday.
Spot my RED finger,i just want to test the colour so i applied on one finger only.
With spec,without spec,with spec,without spec..haha

As i mentioned before,UTAR Block I is the most beautiful toilet of the whole UTAR,Xiao Tung and i took photos in the toilet when we wait to enter the class.Seldom people will go that toilet so we can do whatever we want .

Took by phone's camera and after edit for sure.

Actually UTAR is a very nice place,the lake,tress,building,design...

How is it ? 
Wish to have interesting Uni life,not to make my uni life bored and dull.
Will attend more activities organize by societies if the time is match with my free time.
There is few more posts waiting me to update,stay turn.
Not to forget click those advertisements on my blog ..THANKS A LOT

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