Sunday, 5 June 2011

First week of degree life

My life now is not as interesting as sem break .Everyday will do the same routine...wake up,prepare to campus,eat breakfast,take bus to campus,attend class,go computer lab during long break,attend class again,back home,eat dinner,sit in front of laptop, quite bored.

 So,when i was bored,i asked Xiao Tung helped me took photos to kill boredom...Except the last 4 photos of last 2 roll was took in hostel (to fill up the places),the rest were took in campus...

 In the clinic of campus while waiting to get the medical checkup report.

 Stupid Xiao Tung XD

 Toilet of Block I...i think that was the most beautiful toilet of the whole UTAR,because other toilet do not have plant anything inside,except the toilet of Block I ...

 After 2 hours break,me and Xiao Tung were went to class,but we told that the class was CANCELLED...So we had another 4 hours break,pissed off.So we had lunch and went to computer lab.

 Computer lab become the place where me and Xiao Tung must go everyday.

Facebook,twitter,weibo,blogger are the sites we on when in computer lab...

The first week of degree  is very free,but it doesn't means that we will free afterward,as the 1st week had 2 classes canceled and break time is SO LONG.

Hope my degree is interesting and do not kill me.ALL THE BEST to me and to all my friends too.

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